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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Today 7 years ago, Steve Jobs took to the stage introducing to the iPhone and changed the smartphone industry and our mobile lives forever. Before that date the the smartphone market was small & the majority of smartphones had physical keyboards and were ruled by the stylus. Then came a device that brought together the features if the iPod, a Phone and Internet Browsing on a large multi-touch screen.

Although originally meant for web based apps, Apple pretty soon released the SDK for building apps & the rest is history, for the device that changed a generation into an mGeneration! In fact recently Apple announced that it had paid out over $15bn to Developers. Mobile Apps are now first in the developers sights.

For everyday life, the exception to the rule is seeing someone with a feature phone, as most now have the smartphone as part of their mobile lifestyle and could not think about being without it. What will change particularly this year are the additions to the mobile lifestyle... Just check out this years' CES. What I mean by that is wearable tech, as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). This wearable tech will mostly connect & communicate with such devices as the iPhone/iPad & others.

I can't see a Seven Year Itch on the horizon, with the evolution of iOS, Apps, iPhone/iPad, IoT & more... the love affair continues.

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