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After months of preparation and planning it is over. The event has passed by, which is a strange feeling in a way. It’s not everyday that you plan and execute a 500+ delegate event.

The last 2-3 weeks has been both intense and busy, but most of all a lot of fun. For the second year I had the pleasure to have my colleague anderssj%C3%B6bergas co-project manager which has worked very well. We both share the passion for delivering a world-class event that works smoothly and meets the expectations attendees should have on a brand like SAP.

When we started the project we decided to do everything better than last year and to expand the number of delegates.  If I compare 2013 with 2014 we meet both goals and I am already looking forward to start the planning for SAP Innovation Forum 2015.

Takeaways from SAP Innovation Forum:

  • Social media – show don’t tell.
    This year we wanted to use our social media channels in a more innovative way they before and we decided to try some new things. For example all speakers and partners got a welcome message on Twitter before the event. Several of people posted pictures on Twitter from the event during the day and we also posted short and snappy videos on our YouTube channel directly from the event. Instead of pushing delegates to follow us in social media, we encouraged them to view the live videos during the day and after the event.

  • Scenery – don’t put lipstick on the pig
    We decided to invest in a 9x3 watchout screen which might have been the best investment I ever have done. Both the appearance and functions took the scenery to a whole new level. On the picture you see the jury announcing the winner of the InnoJam that was running during the day with our CSR partner Mentor Sverige.

  • Agenda – plans are nothing, planning is everything
    We had a FULL packed agenda during the day - presentations on the main stage. Five breakouts. VIP breakfasts. Roundtable meetings during lunch. 1:1 meetings with partners, customers, prospects and press. 530 registered delegates. 18 partners. With so many things happening at the same time you need to keep they eyes on the ball the whole time.
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