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Base on the strategic cooperation agreement between SAP UA China/ UCC China and CNAIS (China Association for Information Systems) announced at SAP Academic Conference Greater China this June, SAP UA China and UCC China jointly attended “The 5th Symposium on Education Program in Information Management & Information System in universities” (SEMIS) held in Xiamen City, 26-27 November 2016. The symposium attracted around 340 professors and lecturers from 148 high educational institutions all over China. By attending the conference, we received over 110 applicants for receiving UA textbook sample. Many professors connected with us in the conference venue inquiring about UAP and relevant services. It’s also a unique opportunity to evangelize SAP’s new technologies and solution, as well as position SAP’s thought leadership in both industry and academia.

Invited by SAP UA China, Professor SHUI Linlin, Director of Design Thinking Innovation Center at Communication University of China, delivered a keynote speech on “How design thinking  breeds innovation”. The splendid cases gave rise to many interests from professors.

In the breakout session, Professor MENG hao from Beijing Wuzi University shared his best practice of classroom training and practical learning  using SAP UA learning contents in school, which was considered valuable to most of the universities focusing on cultivating applied talents.

During the day, UCC China booth showcased UA learning contents and Chinese textbook which will be published soon, where constantly crowded by interested professors.

After dinner, the SAP saloon gathered over 65 professors to learn about SAP UA strategy and UCC China services.