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Over the past year, stolen information has only become easier to access – and the market for that information only more profitable. Although the latest technologies such as the cloud, Internet of Things, and process automation have been beneficial in many ways, they are also opening the door to a rising wave of cyber attacks, including extortion hacks, data and controls manipulation, chip-and-pin exploits, and economic espionage. Juniper Research predicts that these threats will eventually increase in significance, siphoning approximately $2.1 trillion from the global economy by 2019.

Hackers only need one security flaw to break an application – and 84% of the time, breaches occur at the application layer. While it can take a business 250 days, on average, to detect a cyber attack, it only takes one hacker minutes to destroy a brand’s reputation, consumer trust, and cash flow while getting rich on the bevvy of customer data, financial information, and intellectual property being collected.

No matter how up-to-date your architecture and locked-down your systems, there’s always a hacker waiting in the dark Web for the right moment to strike. How vulnerable is your digital transformation?

Cybersecurity matters in every digital transformation strategy

In our increasingly digital world, most businesses have software that is virtually everywhere – whether it’s an e-commerce site, mobile payments app, products and services enabled by the Internet of Things, or a cloud application. Yet, 75% of actively used mobile applications fail basic security tests and 56% of application weaknesses reveal information about the application’s users.

The traditional approach of waiting for a breach to happen and paying a developer to fix it is just too expensive and risky. As more and more businesses undergo their own digital transformations, embedded security becomes a critical component of the system development lifecycle – from concept to rollout. By leveraging a security gate, developers can validate application resiliency of internal or external code before production. However, protection from cyber crime doesn’t end there; you must continuously monitor and protect software running in production.

This is cybersecurity.

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