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find your Yaas client id here:

and client id and client secret could be found here:

This will be used as tenant id:

Now you can get OAuth token here:

scope = hybris.document_view hybris.document_manage hybris.tenant=wishlistjerry

Then we can get access token from response:


    "token_type": "Bearer",

    "access_token": "020-8c0a4050-c662-4d85-b5fd-e1ac5fe996d2",

    "expires_in": 3600,

    "scope": "hybris.document_view hybris.document_manage hybris.tenant=wishlistjerry"


first create a new document via POST and its id would be found from creation result:

Perform get test. Note here the client is not the tenant id, but the client id: wishlistjerry.wishlist

response header:

And response body is the document sample data we created using post in previous step: