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Eight teams are competing in the SAP TechEd Madrid InnoJam 2012 for a spot on stage at TechEd DemoJam next Tuesday. And a tee-shirt!

A few hours ago each team chose one Design Thinking challenge out of 5 challenges on the theme "Better Cities – Better Lives". The Design Thinking part of the event is now over. All teams performed superbly under the guidance of their Design Thinking coaches. The teams conducted interviews, synthesized insights, brainstormed possible solutions to the particular challenge they chose and all eventually built a low-fidelity prototype.

Here are the 8 Design Thinking prototypes, and further below the time at which each team starts presenting in the video.

(00:00) Team 1: PARK'O'VATION

(02:16) Team 2: WeCare

(05:57) Team 3: Otter Inc.

(09:18) Team 4: Smurney

(12:15) Team 5: Family Matters

(14:46) Team 6: Park-It

(18:11) Team 7: e-Kids

(20:27) Team 8: AGA Pullco

Now the coding phase starts! Will we recognize these ideas in the final software prototypes? How much of what you saw above can realistically be coded and tested before tomorrow 3PM Monday? How much more can be coded if we code and do not test till the very last minute before the live stage demo? Stay tuned for Day 2 of SAP TechEd Madrid InnoJam 2012!

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