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TechED 2005

It is hard to believe, but TechED 2005 Vienna and Boston are only weeks away. I know everyone is busy trying to tie up loose ends at work to get ready for the week in Nerdvana. TechED is so close that I'm not sure my new T-Shirt with I ♥ Allgemeiner Berichtsaufbereitungsprozessor on the front will arrive in time.

I was checking out the Tech WIKIs this morning. It seems like each week something new pops up there. In case you didn't see Install your own Portal in the 'Bring Your Own Box' Portal Party at SAP TechEd '05 Boston and compet..., be sure to check out the 'Bring Your Own Box' Portal Party. Spots for this Boston event are filling up fast. I plan to run over to the Portal Party right after the BOF sessions end. It is too bad that there is so much overlapping content. One person just can't get to it all. I guess too much good content isn't a bad problem to have.

Speaking of the Birds Of a Feather sessions, there still appear to be plenty of open slots. If you have ever wanted to present a session at a big conference like TechED, this is a great way to get your feet wet. They will be presented in a small area and should be rather informal. I can't think of a better way to get a little practice before trying for a big session at next year's TechED.

If there is a topic that is near and dear to your heart, but you aren't sure if it will make a good BOF topic; I encourage you to post a topic in the corresponding forum. Let you peers give you feedback on if they think it will be a good choice.

If you have a good topic and want to present, but still are feeling a little apprehensive; ask around on the forums as well. I'm sure there are SDNers that have done a few presentations in the past that would be willing to help someone out and take a role as a facilitator or a coach before the session. If you are look for help for a Boston session and the time slot is right, I don't mind sitting in on a session to help out. I'm sure there are others that feel the same way. I know that getting through that first public presentation is a bit of a hurdle. After you have done one though, you might well find that the rest come easier.

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