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Demand is accelerating across organizations for better and faster access to data. Business executives, managers, and frontline users in operations want the power to move beyond the limits of spreadsheets so they can engage in deeper analysis and use data insights to transform all types of decisions. Newer tools and methods are making it possible for organizations to meet the demands of nontechnical users by enabling them to access, integrate, transform, and visualize data without traditional IT hand-holding.

Join this TDWI Webinar to learn how your organization can empower business users to push beyond limits and do more with data through self-directed business intelligence, analytics, and data discovery. The Webinar will focus on how organizations can effectively “democratize” data by addressing the needs of nontechnical users, including business executives, managers, and frontline users. It will also discuss the critical data governance role IT must play to guide users and safeguard sensitive data.

You will learn:

  • How to employ data discovery and analytics to overcome the limitations of spreadsheets
  • How data visualization and visual analysis can enable users to interact more effectively with data and take action to solve business problems
  • Examples of how visualizations can provide users with integrated views of multiple data sources such as geo maps and customer data
  • Best practices for establishing IT’s role in providing data governance and guidance to ensure successful data democratization

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