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Hello and welcome back to this little corner of Scripting Languages fun -:)


Today, we're going to see how can we use wxPython and SAP to make an SE16 emulation.


So, what's wxPython? It's a Python wrapper of the C++'s wxWidgets that allows us to create rich UI applications.


For this blog I was tempted to use Tkinter but gotta admit that I like wxPython I have already used it in my Ruby projects. Anyway in Ruby it was a little bit easier than in Python -:P


Enough talk, let's go to the source code...(That could fit nice on a T-Shirt, right?)


Again, and as always in my Python/SAP projects...I used YAML to host the SAP connections parameters.






Now, the images:



So basically, what we have here is a Login screen with the Username and Password and a connection button. When we connect to SAP, then the window dissapeared and a new window pops out. This new windows ask us for a table name and displays a grid containing all the information.


See ya next time -;)