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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I’m never more frustrated than when I purchase an item that touts greater “technological convenience” and I can’t use it properly. Take the Bluetooth feature I opted for when I bought my car. I watched the salesman perform one demo and figured it would be a piece of cake – big mistake. After dropping every call that came through, the hands-free feature felt like a costly bit of hubris on my part. I should have learned to work it properly before driving off the lot.

I suppose some companies feel similar frustration after they invest in software for business-process optimization, only to have user adoption present a major hurdle. Ploetz + Zeller GmbH, however, seems to have found the answer with SAP Workforce Performance Builder software. The German software company became an SAP OEM partner and was able to enter new markets and help customers access learning-support materials – accelerating training and increasing revenue with more efficient process execution.

Advancing user training

Employers aren’t too keen on scenarios like the one involving my Bluetooth. They want their staff to hit the ground running for optimal performance. Ploetz + Zeller took the necessary steps to make sure its employees became proficient in new software. Understanding the purpose of software isn’t the same as expertly navigating it so it performs to its full potential. That’s where SAP Workforce Performance Builder comes in. It helps create and deploy context-sensitive user guides, training simulations, and e-learning materials that get the important players up to speed and on the same page.

Ploetz + Zeller took advantage of the opportunity to develop reliable user help while creating single-source recordings to distribute to the workforce in various formats. This includes additional text, rich media, or other types of custom formatting. It could also recreate recordings automatically with tests and screens in multiple languages.

Maximizing value

The software helps Ploetz + Zeller guide clients through all stages of user adoption. Its OEM partnership with SAP helps speed documentation processes. Help-desk inquiries have been cut almost in half.

The prepackaged, industry-specific content provides customers with process-oriented learning and on-the-job guidance, helping the company expand into new markets and increase the value of existing product and service offerings.

These step-perfect help materials support enterprise-wide learning and provide best-practice process guidance for customers. This allows customers to create business-process models and documentation without training – boosting revenue and making room for more innovative thinking.

According to CEO Oliver Zeller, “SAP Workforce Performance Builder allowed us to expand our business and better support customers in their daily jobs. By offering SAP Workforce Performance Builder with our Symbio Suite solutions, we are now able to provide complete business process optimization.”

By getting ahead of the curve with effective learning software, Ploetz + Zeller is getting the most out of its investment and helping clients integrate business-process excellence into their daily routines.

And after a return trip to the dealership, I was finally able to successfully work the Bluetooth into my daily routine. I wouldn’t have needed another hour with the salesman if I’d been as proactive and thorough with my car as Ploetz + Zeller is with its workforce.