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Today at SAPPHIRENOW, SAP announced the delivery of a new SAP Sales & Operations Planning solution.

SAP Sales and Operations Planning is a next-generation planning application, powered by SAP HANA, designed to help companies become more demand-driven by enabling them to rapidly translate demand fluctuations into actionable plans for manufacturing, procurement, and logistics. With this new cloud-based solution, companies can engage stakeholders from sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and other functions in a truly integrated and collaborative planning process that aligns their business to most profitably meet future demand.

In a recent blog (The Perfect Storm is Forming for Sales and Operations Planning), I wrote about the complexity of today’s global supply networks, and increased importance of technology to effectively manage and leverage the big data volumes now available from structured and unstructured sources. We are also seeing the need for increased collaboration across these global networks and the need for speed in sensing, analyzing, simulating and profitably responding to the business dynamics. And at the eye of the proverbial storm: Global Supply Chains and the Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) processes that drive them.

SAP Sales & Operations Planning brings together the real-time computing power of SAP HANA and the social collaborative paradigm of SAP Streamwork to enable:

  • Planning, using a unified model of demand, supply chain, and financial data – which can be analyzed in real-time at any level of granularity or dimension
  • Rapid simulations and scenario comparison on complete, detailed S&OP model against multiple criteria such as demand fluctuations, product mix changes, and capacity constraints  
  • Collaboration, using an embedded, context-aware social platform that helps accelerate planning and decision-making across the organization

These capabilities delivered by SAP Sales and Operations Planning empower companies to more profitably align demand and supply, position themselves more effectively to drive revenue growth and identify opportunities to reduce supply chain costs.

To learn more about SAP Sales & Operations Planning check out this short overview video and click on the following link.

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