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The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) was holding this year’s Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas from October 17-19, 2016. I was pleased to join the conference on-site, together with 1,600 participants from all around the world to discuss trends, challenges and possible solutions in the services industry. It was an outstanding event and I want to share some key insights through this blog post. Everything was focused on Customer Success, which was also the main theme of the conference.

L.A.E.R. was the baseline for the discussions. Land - Adopt - Expand – Renew, i.e. Who takes which responsibilities and actions and in which phase of the process? The roles of sales, professional services, support, and others are blurring. How should interaction models be built? Should they change based on customer segmentation? .... Software companies have to re-think their service approach and how best to organize the setup of the post/after-sales time. Adoption drives expansion which drives renewal. This is clear.

Now we have to ask ourselves in general, but also in day-to-day business, what we can do to drive adoption and how can we connect ourselves to it. The great news for SAP Support is that we are already doing this today with our support offerings and programs, such as SAP Enterprise Support value maps and SAP Preferred Care 2.0, but also our initiatives to deliver 'Business Service Support', like our approach for IFRS. What all of these offerings have in common is a very customer centric and problem oriented approach, with a clear focus to deliver business outcomes.

At this year’s conference we were proudly selected as one of the finalist during the TSIA STAR Award ceremony. We applied with our SAP Enterprise Support value maps topic in the category "Innovation in Leveraging Social Support for Service Excellence" and were invited to participate in the award ceremony. Although we did not win the overall award, we now have proven success and have been recognized by the biggest external and therefor independent service institute (Applause!!! – or as they say in French “Chapeau”). Though, the success is now proven and recognized from the biggest external and therefore independent service institute.


The importance of SAP Enterprise Support value maps is also underlined by Michael Kleinemeier, member of the SAP Executive Board of SAP SE and head of SAP’s Digital Business Services organization, who states, “The feedback from our customers, analyst & research vendors, such as Brandon Hall Group and TSIA, speaks for itself. Value maps help drive digital transformation, unlock business value, and realize measurable benefits by integrating processes, operations, and technology to create measurable benefits. This methodology for future-oriented social media-based learning and support is a key part of successful digital transformations.”

A big thank you goes to the all SAP Enterprise Support value map contributors across the organiatzion, who made this an exceptional success over the past years through hard work!
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