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Steps to Configure Data Direct Branded Drivers in BI 4.1

The Data Access layer allows the use of DataDirect ODBC 7.0.1 drivers for MS SQL Server databases on all UNIX platforms.

I have done it in on Linux steps will be the similar  for all UNIX Platforms

These drivers can be either non-branded or branded drivers.

DataDirect branded drivers are provided as part of the BI platform and can only be used with SAP BusinessObjects applications such as SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.

You can find them in <boe-install-dir>/enterprise_xi40/<platform-name>/odbc/lib directory,

where <boe-install-dir> stands for the BI platform installation directory and <platform-name> for the UNIX platform name.

The MS SQL Server databases can work with either a DataDirect ODBC 7.0.1 driver or a DataDirect ODBC 7.0.1 branded driver.

The Connection Server default settings allow the non-branded ODBC driver to work seamlessly with your current configuration settings. If you have already deployed a driver in your environment, you will be able to install the non-branded driver without any configuration change

To use the branded driver, you must make sure the data access is configured correctly.

1. Navigate to the directory that contains the sqlsrv.sbo file.

On UNIX, this configuration file is located in the


connectionServer/odbc directory.

2. Use an XML editor to open the sqlsrv.sbo file for editing

3. Locate the Defaults section.

The Use DataDirect OEM Driver parameter is set to No by default.

This means the data access is  configured by default to work for non-branded drivers.

4. Set the Use DataDirect OEM Driver parameter to Yes and save the file.

<Parameter Name="Use DataDirect OEM Driver" Platform="Unix">Yes</Parameter>

5. Add the following path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable:


6. Configure the environment by editing the file in the

<boe-install-dir>/setup directory


Source the

Once sourcing is done check the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set


For example:




    export ODBC_HOME

    ODBCINI= <boe-install-dir> /enterprise_xi40/odbc.ini

    export ODBCINI


DEFAULT_ODBCFILE can point to any file which holds the connection details for the branded drivers.

7. Configure the data source by editing the odbc.ini file.

For example:

[ODBC Data Sources]

efashion_1=DataDirect 7.0.1 SQL Server Native Wire Protocol


Driver=="${BOBJEDIR} /enterprise_xi40/linux_x64/odbc/7.0.1/lib/”

Description=DataDirect 7.0.1 SQL Server Native Wire Protocol


HostName=Enter Database Machine HOST NAME

PortNumber=ENTER PORT NUMBER (Ex:1433)

Database=ENTER DATABASE NAME(Ex:efashion)

8. Restart the Servers

Now the Connection Server is able to create a connection to MS SQL Serverdatabases with DataDirect ODBC branded  drivers.