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Again, SAP is going to surprise you with some new features which have often be requested by you. In this sneak preview, we are going to look at the merging of Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rule Management (BRM) and PI into a single integrated java installation. We will look at how ccBPM can be migrated/replaced by BPM. We will also be using the new Eclipse tool to create objects in the ESR and configure the integration scenarios without using the Swing tools of ESR and ID.

As most of you will have recognized that PI is going toward a java-only installation. During this process, we have made PI easier to develop and configure. We have included BPM and BRM as part of PI to replace the ABAP ccBPM. We are replacing the Swing tools (ESR and ID) with Eclipse for designing interfaces and configuring the integration scenarios. And, yes, we can even use the Eclipse tool to develop Message Mapping.

Come and experience the hands-on sessions of PMC165 and PMC166. Use the new PI Eclipse tools and see how they can lessen the learning curve and provide visual representations of your integration scenarios.

The session description:

  • PMC165 - The combination of the new Java-only deployment option of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management will allow you to build integration-centric processes. This hands-on session will teach you all the details you need to know to bring your first integration process to life. Model a BPMN-based integration process collecting several messages using the Process Composer, configure SAP NetWeaver PI by using the new integration flows, maintain the connection settings for a reliable message transfer between SAP NetWeaver PI and SAP NetWeaver BPM, and finally run and monitor your solution.


  • PMC166 - SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management, in combination with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, opens up new options for integration scenarios. After a brief introduction to the world of business rules, you will implement an integration scenario which benefits from the usage of the SAP business rules engine: a received order message containing several order items is validated against a business rule. In case of violating the rules, you have the chance to correct the message content on the fly and forward it to the target destination via SAP NetWeaver Process Integration.

Hope to see you there!