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To enhance the customer experience, we are adding a new method to push critical and value add information to customers via SMS (text messaging).

In addition to e-mail and launchpad-internal notifications, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad now offers text messages (SMS) as a new way to receive important notices and information. To enable text message notifications, go to your launchpad notifications settings page, choose your preferred notification method (launchpad, email, SMS or a combination), and then simply select the notice types you would like to receive. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s customizable.

How to change your notification settings

By default, SAP ONE Support Launchpad users will NOT have SMS enabled and will have to opt-in to have text messages sent for each type of notification. To do so, access the Manage Notifications interface in the launchpad, either by entering the URL or by clicking the drop down menu from your user name and then Manage Notifications. Here you can toggle on or off notifications for launchpad, email and SMS.

NOTE: SAP does not charge you to send SMS text messages, however message and data rates may apply based on your existing wireless plan for receiving text messages.

How to add or change your mobile phone settings

In order to receive SMS notifications, you must have a mobile phone number configured in the user profile application.

To maintain your phone number(s), access the User Profile interface in the launchpad, either by entering the URL: or by selecting the Settings icon  in the upper-right corner of the Notification Settings window. Here you can choose which phone number to use for SMS notification. To continue to the User Profile, choose your user profile. 

Here you can select Edit Header to add or edit your phone number 1 and phone number 2.

Add or Edit your phone number(s) here:


Available notifications

You can opt to receive notifications for the following scenarios:

  • If you report an incident for one of your SAP products, you get notified if the incident status changes or if the incident requires your attention.

  • If an SAP Note or Knowledge Base Article (KBA) that you had marked as favorite gets changed, you will be informed.

  • The Expert Search in the My SAP Notes & KBAs application allows you to save search queries. Whenever a new SAP Note or KBA matches these criteria, the launchpad will notify you.

  • In the Guided Worklist application, tasks can be assigned to colleagues, who then receive a notification.

  • The Service Messages application allows saving selection criteria and notifies you about updates.

  • You will also get a notification if one of your SAProuter certificates is about to expire.

  • Using the Manage Service Partner User application, customers can grant a partner’s S-user special authorizations. These S-users will be informed through notifications. The customer is informed once the partner accepts the invitation.

  • Launchpad system news are used to channel information to you about the status of a launchpad application.

  • A reminder is sent to you if your single sign-on certificate SAP Passport is about to expire

  • Get notified for Announcement of Legal Changes

  • A reminder is sent to you when your stored data in the Secure Area Logon Data is due to expire

  • Get status updates on Service Requests for HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

  • Get notified when new SAP HotNews – (critical SAP Notes with very high priority) are published.

  • Customers will now get a notification if their license key request cannot be processed immediately and goes into pending status.

  • SAP Focused Run customers can now receive notices for confirmed and registered hosted installations

  • Get notifications about newly created installations.

  • Notification will be issued when active license keys on a customer account are scheduled to expire in the next 28 days

    NEW with Wave 6/2019 Release (August 17, 2019)

  • You will get notified to take the SAP Support Interaction Survey and provide us with feedback around handling of your incident when your incident automatically closes

For more details on each notification, you can refer to SAP ONE Support Launchpad Release Notes
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