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Today the service pack 4 for the SMP3 SDK got published. Be aware that the SDK and the server plattform are not following the same release cycle. So the SP04 for the SMP3 server runtime is still not yet available.

You can find more information about SDK SP04 here:

Official Documentation: SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SDK SP04 – SAP Help Portal Page

Release Notes Information:

Short Summary of Changes/Enhancement:

  • ClientHub
    • Changing of Password Policy is now possible (Passcode to unlock ClientHub)
  • OData SDK
    • iOS 7.1 and Xcode 5.1 are now supported
    • iOS 64bit processors are supported
  • Kapsel SDK (for more information check this nice blog: )
    • Apache Cordova 3.4.1-0.1.0 is now supported
    • SAP Fiori Kapsel Client
      Container to run Fiori apps
    • Online Application Plugin
      Allow a web app (which is running on a remote web server) to run within the Kapsel/Cordova container
    • Barcode Scanner Plugin
      Scan and decode a barcode using the device camera
    • Toolbar Plugin
      Creates a native toolbar (is used by Fiori Client)
    • Cache Manager Plugin
      Should not be used outside Fiori Client and SMP3 SDK SP04
    • Application Preference Plugin
      Settings pages for your app
    • Auth Proxy Plugin Extension
      Intercept all web requests to handle basic authentication and X.509 certificates

As you can see most changes/enhancements were done with Kapsel. I think there are some great new features. The whole SDK is getting more and more powerful...