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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

The Cloud is something we all rely on in one shape or another, even if we are not immediately aware of it. It is the underpinning of many systems that enable data to be used in many innovative ways. This Blog is specifically about those startups that have used SAP Cloud as part of a solution or product.

Timesheets are a constant requirement for most companies, and this becomes a sticky problem for companies where employees are out and about on the road. So here Discovery Consulting in Australia talk about their initial Project creating ‘Time Sheets in the Cloud’

Here they take us through a demo of the application on a Mobile Device

Whilst we are looking at footage from Australian, here is an ingenious solution to a large scale problem for Farmers in Australia using mobile devices and virtual fencing to reduce the cost of fencing 100-1000’s of hectairs of land.

We also have the demo for ‘Catching Cows in the Cloud’, which uses HANA Cloud and SAP UI5 for device independence.

Finally, another interesting interview with Gatth Hamilton, SVP Liquid Analytics, who uses HANA Cloud with Mobile Analytics to help change and improve the customer experience and empower a sales representatives to become trusted business partners with their customers out on the road. Think how refreshing it would be for a customer to be visited by their sales contact to be told what items they need to refresh based on actual data and predictions.

The predictive Tablet CRM app can be seen below...

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