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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

It's already been one month since 2nd edition of #sitFRA was organized. Very lucky and excited to be part of this event as i had to plan my India Vacation right after this great show.

I guess, i can remember what all happened on that day, so here are some highlights. Taken some inputs from #sitfra tweets.


Cool Mentor friend Twan picked me up at WDF and then we reached at event location




Registration was still going on, collected the badge and headed for breakfast and started meeting other friends, participants.



And then event was kicked off by three gentlemen hendrik.neumann, tobias.trapp, christian.braukmller4. (I really liked the music played in the background) They Talked about sponsors (who saved our 20 EURO :wink: ) , powerful agenda, and other stuffs. There were big data analytic shown like participants attending events from multiple countries, gender distribution, employee status and so.




There was another great #sapInsideTrack event running on the same day, Hello to Istanbul #sitist




There were so many sessions on #IoT stuffs, first one started by where she presented a nice, simplified demo of Tessel with HCP and UI5 stuffs. How Tessel can be programmed with Java Script and can be played with different modules.



On the other side, christian.drummshared some debugging tips that proved useful for him and could quickly identify the root cause of the bugs like F5 for custom code, F6 for standard code




tsovinar.chugaszyanpresented highlights of Smart city world congress 2015 including Melbourne's Urban forest, Offene Daten Köln , Network 11 , Kyiv Open Budget, SAP future Cities program



Christian Günter shared his experiences how to improve debugging workflow. Great power comes with great responsibility.

Check out these Video 1 and Video 2




Inspired by Bjoern Goerke's  keynote, christian.drumm presented how to connect AstroPi to SAPHCP using IoT services



Solving SAP problems without reading code using Moose by rainer.winkler  (Moose Famix SAP Extractor)

Here is the link of blog posted by him.



I am great fan of SEGW (SAP Gateway Gateway Builder) and here daniel.ridder talked best practices


  • To access a re-use OData service, INCLUDE the specific service

  • dont force generic programming, redefine the typed CRUD methods of your generated *DPC class

  • Annotation can be added via *MPC_EXT class



IoT is a basis for the Industry 4.0 by karol.kalisz



Lunch time




Thomas Ritter on lightweight usability testing with cool examples



twan.vandenbroekshowed how the Dutch will survive using SAPHCP IoT for water management and talked IoT is not about things, its about re-imaging business processes, re imagining customer experience, re imagining human behavior (youtube video)



tobias.trapp , enlightened about Logical abduction in Business Rules Management for root cause analysis



An attractive session on HANA car (not HANA sidecar) by wouter.lemaire and Jérémy Coppey (inspired by JamesBond and controlled by UI5) .  Gregor Wolf was able to hack their car and later he shared how can an HTML5 app (on HCP) can be protected by adding permission to application paths. (reference)



thorstenster talked on HANA sidecar magic, Speed and ease of development




RESTify ABAP system by daniel.ridder shared knowledge on what is needed to provide delightful Fiori applications for your existing ABAP backend system.




After coffee break, gregor.wolf presented on Zero to FLP in just 30 mins, showed full extend of SAP tools,  SE80,  FLP, SAP Web IDE, Cloud Connector, CAL, HCP




Daniel Koller explained infrastructure monitoring in highly complex system landscapes




Wrap-up of 1st ever open UI5 conference #UI5Con by Denise and Christian



Martin Hofmann shared his experience on a customer product built with FPM, Fiori, CDS, HANA  and BRF+ on the top of SAP Process Observer






Sabine Schmitt talked on why do SAP customer often struggle or fail to automate their business process in SAP. Check out her SAP TechEd session

Business Process Improvement for SAP Solutions



vitaliy.rudnytskiy updated on SAP Developer center



Thanks to all speakers for great presentations and cool demos.







And at the end it was time for  HANA cafe nl recorded a new episode for #UI5con and #sitFRA



Upcoming SAP Inside Track:


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