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In my blog Using Certificates in SAP Mobile Documents Android Application, I described the steps to import a certificate in SAP Mobile Documents android client. The process was a bit time consuming and not the standard one for android users.

In android devices, users will often import the certificate in android key store and will wonder why they have to import it again for SAP Mobile Documents.

Now, the android client has simplified log in via certificate process. If the certificate is imported in android key store, user can choose “log in via certificate” option in log in dialog and select the certificate from the key store itself.

This blog will describe the new steps to import the certificate into android client.

You might have already imported the certificate into android key store or the certificate might be already provisioned to your android key store via a MDM solution. In that case, you can skip Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 1: Exporting Certificate as file

You must extract the certificate as a ".pfx" file. Please follow steps below to extract it (on Windows):

  1. Run Certificate Manager Console
  2. Go to Personal > Certificates. Select the relevant certificate
  3. Right click All Tasks > Export
  4. Complete the wizard and save as *.pfx

The view exact steps on each operation system, you easily search it over internet e.g. for Windows 7 the steps are mentioned here.

Step 2: Importing certificate in android key store

On your Android Device copy the .pfx file to your Downloads folder. Now, you can import the certificate into android key store by following the common steps outlined in android security documentation

Step 3: Using the certificate in SAP Mobile Documents

  • Start SAP Mobile Documents Application. On Log in Screen choose the option "Log On with Certificate".

You will get a pop-up listing all the certificate from your android key store.

  • Select the Certificate from the pop-up dialog.

Your user name will be fetched from the certificate. You log-in credentials are now ready for usage.

Specify the SAP Mobile Document server URL and press Log On button.

SAP Mobile Documents Android Application is now ready for usage with your certificate :smile: