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The amount of information we are exposed to is constantly increasing, leading to a new concern of our modern age: Information Overload, a challenge of the 21st century. Computers may be able to handle incessantly growing amounts of data – but how can the human brain cope with it all? One way to simplify the complex could be visualization. The right side of the brain, also known as the right hemisphere, recognizes shapes and colours, while the left side of the brain processes information in an analytical and sequential way and is more active when people read text or look at a spreadsheet. Looking through a numerical spreadsheet takes a lot of mental effort, while information presented visually can be grasped within seconds. Displaying information can make a difference by enabling people to understand complex matters quickly, communicate easier, make faster decisions and even find creative solutions.

Software solutions often address only one aspect – or hemisphere of the brain if you will: either pure viewing 3D graphics in CAD software or pure business data in ERP software. But imagine the benefit of combining both: intuitive viewing together with all the business-related information you need.

Using visualized data helps businesses to increase their process speed and productivity

Business data is getting more and more complex. Imagine the amount of data that is stored to represent an entire airplane or a power plant for example. By displaying this complex data in a graphical way, employees in R&D, manufacturing and service can navigate through this huge amount of information quickly, share information more easily around the globe and thus, make decisions faster and more efficiently.

How often have you struggled with the assembly instructions to a piece of furniture you’ve enthusiastically purchased, thinking it would be easy to build? The final quality of your product (for example the massive IKEA wardrobe, with its thousands of parts, you’re trying to put together) depends heavily on the quality of the graphics provided in the assembly instructions. Grasping visualized data is usually more intuitive than written information. Visual communication helps you make less errors and helps prevent misunderstandings. In a business environment, sharing information in a visual way, can also reduce staff training time significantly and make sure that there are no misunderstandings between individuals, despite language barriers, for example. One of our SAP Visual Enterprise customers, Joy Global, a worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions, was able to train new employees and customers more efficiently on how to use their mining tools and equipment, and increase revenue for training classes because of the value SAP delivers. Watch the video and discover how.

There are many more areas where the combination of visualization of products, assets or processes and business information makes employees’ lives easier. For example, sharing the latest product information quickly and easily by translating nearly any 3D CAD file into a lightweight format for the use in marketing communications. Or by making maintenance instructions for your service personnel easier to grasp and at the same time provide them with stock information for the needed spare parts. This new and entertaining video explains some of the benefits of SAP Visual Enterprise solutions.

SAPPHIRE NOW is an excellent place to learn more about SAP Visual Enterprise solutions.

For example, discover how Röchling-Automotive streamlined R&D and shares 3D and business data simply and almost in real-time. Röchling is one of the top automotive suppliers for system solutions, components and modules. Vivien Rebsdat, Head of IT, will talk about how they streamlined R&D processes, improved new product time-to-market and maintenance, and reduced documentation errors with SAP Product Lifecycle Management and SAP Visual Enterprise applications. Learn how they share construction drawings in near real-time with all stakeholders.(Tuesday, 4:30pm; Industries and Lines of Business Campus)

You may also talk to our experts at the discussion table IL136 in the Industries and Lines of Business Campus to find out how SAP Visual Enterprise solutions could help you to simplify the complex in your organization.

Hay que verlo para creerlo! (Seeing is believing).We look forward to seeing you in Madrid!