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Community Manager
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It's Saturday evening 2000 (8:00 PM) in Germany and what am I doing instead of going into town with some friends? I'm at home moving my MiniWAS system from my home desktop computer to my external drive and laptop.

OK, so you going to ask why? I knew you would! I am doing this because I got an E-Mail the other day telling me WLAN was available but not everywhere. I received another E-Mail yesterday telling me that it was NOT available in the presentation room, which presentation room you may ask? Well of course the one I am in. The others I am not sure about.

I've sent a response back asking if that was the final status and it would not change or if there might be a possibility. Well to be on the safe side I decided that I would go head and make some backup alternatives just in case that was the final status. Oh they did mention that ISDN access was available, however I have no ISDN modem for my laptop.

What I've done is gone out and found some various Screen Cam's and now I've gone through each of them and I settled on one that allowed me to encode the video output with DivX to make it smaller. It's called "CamStudio" and it can be found here, however I am now in search of a new one as this one doesn't seem to be supported anymore. Now the video is 30 mins long and is simply my click and typing away at the computer. I'm hoping to be able to use this during my presentation for my "live demo" after which depending on SDN, I may add voice narration to it and provide it as a download, not sure yet.

What I also started thinking about was well the MiniWAS. I've done quit a bit with it already, most of my craig.cmehil3/blog the work was done on the MiniWAS and I wrote up two weblogs on how to install the bloody thing.

Well I have the thing online and running now attached via external hard drive to my laptop which is not the most powerful I've noticed. At this point the server starts up and the server runs, logging in is giving me nothing but problems though. However, perhaps SAP will have a more powerful computer there that I might be able to snag for a awhile. The transfer of the system was relatively painless. A few registry enteries and then a few settings here and there and there it was.

So a word of advice out to you presenting in Walldorf on Tuesday and Wednesday make sure you have some alternative means of showing your live demos if you have them.

Have I missed anything? Mark SDN Meets Labs Walldorf/Rot Sold Out that we are meeting at 1900 (7:00 PM) at Marktstube on Monday night. We'll be discussing car pooling and everything else then 🙂


OK my MiniWAS is working, I can't login though, anyone know what happened to the link for getting the license renewed? Maybe on Tuesday morning we can get the nice folks at SAP to give me a renewed 90 license. If I can get the license I am offering the use of the system, not very fast, but useable to anyone needing to show live demos -- that is when I am not using it of course.