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Community Administrator
Community Administrator

Many many moons ago I began writing a book trying to capture my notes, thoughts, opinions and experiences of being the community evangelist of the SAP Developer Network. For several reasons the project got put on the shelf and was left sitting for awhile but now that SCN is turning 10 years old I thought it was best to dust off the project, finish it up and finally publish it.

Remember this project was one I undertook on my own and is from my perspective and my views - true in the beginning I was working together with SAP PRESS but as it became clear SCN was changing platforms we decided it best to hold off. Now though the book is more or less a memoir, a trip down memory lane and I thought it would be fun to share with everyone.

You can find more info here and of course you can find the direct link to the print version and the Kindle version here. I have a very interesting iBook format as well with more embedded media and more images however I am waiting for approval from iTunes before the content can be "published" hopefully within the next couple of days it will be available.

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