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At the end of an implementation project extracting lessons learned and experiences made is often forgotten. Or considered as not relevant.

Unbelievable, isn't it?

SAP Consulting has understood that knowledge their most important production factor and has started so-called “Project Debriefings”. SAP Consulting’s approach on debriefings follows basically a two-step approach:

  • Step 1: the Project Manager maintains a questionnaire
  • Step 2: the Project Manager (and optional Project Team members) will be invited to a follow-up interview conducted by colleagues from the KM Organization - here the most important aspects of the questionnaire are being carved out and discussed
  • Step 3: the knowledge created in the project has been identified is now being harvested
  • Step 4: the debriefing results are being published internally

The debriefing focus lies on the identification and harvesting of reusable content, ideas for new services and experiences made in the project which will enable SAP Consultants to help customers with comparable requirements in future projects.

Project Debriefings do not only help SAP Consulting to run implementation projects as efficient and smooth as possible – Customers can also benefit a lot from this approach as they can trust that SAP Consultants will bring along a broad, ever-growing knowledge based on the expertise of a rich history of implementation projects.


Jochen Gaydoul