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The growing trend of leveraging social media to boost recruiting success has some observers saying that HR has been reborn in the form of “social recruiting”. Experts, however, disagree. Leveraging social media isn’t anything groundbreaking, but merely another tool to help HR recruiters do what they have always done – identify and connect to the best talent.

The field has now expanded its candidate pool into social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and especially LinkedIn. And why not! Millions of job candidates worldwide are already using social media to increase their chances of gaining visibility to thousands of recruiters online, showcasing their highlights in many different lights, in unprecedented numbers, and with great candor. But social media as a recruiting medium brings its own set of challenges. Recruiters are faced with almost too many ways to optimize social media as a communication channel and window into available (and eager) talent. In fact, it has been necessary for HR to swim through the ‘social’ frenzy just so they can revisit the basics and ensure that qualified candidates engage in the right motions to reach the finish line for hiring.

Want to learn more? Hear panelists Mervyn Dinnen, Social Engagement Strategist; Katrina Collier, Winning Impression; and Will Staney, Director of Recruiting and Strategic Programs, SAP via the on-demand podcast here.

Top memorable insights heard on this episode:

  1. We need to pay attention to social channels to find the best fit. Great insights into people as social jobseekers. –Katrina Collier  @winningimpress
  2. If you ignore or mistreat social job seekers, you’ll miss hiring great people. –Katrina Collier @winningimpress
  3. [The word] "social" won't's just one of many channels of communication. Tech has changed recruiting to become more human. –Will Staney  @WillStaney
  4. Do we know people? Should we start using a referral network? Social channels amplify recruiting like steroids. –Mervyn Dinnen  @MervynDinnen
  5. People want to hear from their peers, which will give true insight into a company. Social can reveal unknowns of work. –Katrina Collier  @winningimpress

Top #CrystalBall Predictions for the year 2020:

  1. In 5 years, we won't even call it ‘social recruiting’. We’ll see a huge amount of social data for predictive analytics. –Will Staney  @WillStaney
  2. By 2020, it will just be recruiting. We won't believe that we'll be using any other method. –Mervyn Dinnen  @MervynDinnen
  3. People who know people will leverage their networks. Linkedin will die (and other niche recruiting sites) may die. Twitter will survive. Interaction will change and recruiting will become very social-based. –Katrina Collier  @winningimpress

The next episode in the HR Trends with Game-Changers Radio lineup airs on April 15th, 2014 and features Driving Change: The Power of Women's Employee Resource Groups with a panel HR thought leaders and experts. Stay tuned and please follow us on Twitter at #SAPRadio.