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Another SAPPHIRE has just ended and I would like to summarize my personal key takeaways - UX focused.


The SAP Portal – Fiori journey is catching more and more momentum

  • With the availability of the Fiori framework page – running the SAP Fiori launchpad on the SAP Portal
  • The consumption of Fiori apps in standalone mode
  • And the planned consumption of remote catalogs from the ABAP Front End Server (FES) to the Portal - which will enable the consumption of more and more Fiori apps from the ABAP FES to the Portal

The journey has just started and the feedback is really great! For all of the SAP Portal fans out there – this is a must have topic to look into.

Another topic that I recommend you to look at is the integration between the SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP Mobile Documents - a great addition to the SAP Enterprise Portal!


All of you who have attended the Annual Conference could realize that the SAP Fiori launchpad is presented almost everywhere. The reason for this is that SAP is very serious about having the Fiori launchpad as the entry point for applications - today and in the future. While aligning the different clients with the Fiori launchpad experience.

Recently we have released for productive usage the Fiori launchpad on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) - part of the SAP HANA Cloud Portal offering.


A very interesting enhancement that was launched (silently) is the availability of the SAP Fiori demo cloud edition with the enhanced capabilities for extending the Fiori apps and branding the solution. These enhancements enable all of you to experience SAP Fiori (apps, launchpad and Web IDE) on SAP HANA Cloud Platform free of charge!

Create your own SAP Fiori demo cloud edition account today at:

Without promising too much, I hope to be able to show you all of these new and very exciting capabilities with more details at SAP TechEd this year.

Finally, I would like to thank ASUG Headquarters and the ASUG Portals Special Interest Group (SIG) for selecting me as the ASUG Service Award Winner for 2015. I am much honored for this award and looking forward to work with you even more in the future. Thank you very much!