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If you are going to SAPPHIRE this year, make sure to check out the SAP Service and Support Center on the SAPPHIRE show floor! We offer many informative and interactive sessions in our demo theaters, and have many experts available at our demo stations to answer your questions and showcase our tools and methodologies. Read HERE to see the full schedules on all support sessions!

What if you can't get enough information from a 20-minute demo theater presentation? Let's face it - they are just too high-level and short and sometimes there are just too many people in the audience asking questions! We understand that and that's exactly why we also offer you something extra off the menu: 1-hour workshop sessions right after three of our special demo theater sessions! While demo theater sessions will serve to whet your appetite, full one hour workshops will take you into more detail, specialized level just for you!

Here is the workshop schedule (click the picture below to enlarge):

For detail description on the workshop Reduce project cost and risk leveraging a model company approach, read blog here. Click here to learn more on the workshop Re-Platforming - The Basis for Fast Innovations.

Now impress your SAPPHIRE peers by telling them our secret menu. Believe us, they will thank you for being a SAPPHIRE guru and introducing them to these fantastic workshops!

If you have any additional questions or would like to pre-register for the workshops, please email us at

For more event updates and customer success stories, please follow @SAP_AGS.