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Community Administrator
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In the tradition that is community and TechEd, last year we had Humor@SAP Contest: Are you ready?, this year we have SAPanese.

(noun) the obscure langague spoken by users of SAP technologies.

What is SAP Addictionary?


Those of you who work for, or have worked with SAP already know there is a rich vernacular that has grown apace with SAP's amazing rise to one of the most influential software companies in the world. A few SAP user-community members thought it'd be cool to have a place to share that language with each other and the world, and we talked the nice folks at the "Original Addictionary" to give us a place of our own. Here she be.

How can I participate?

          Rules of engagement aren't lengthy--

  • no juvenile profanity (only well-considered profanity is acceptable 😉
  • anyone can contribute. attribution is preserved, but we expect appropriate dedications (to person or public domain) where contribution isn't original.
  • add a picture if it supports the definition
  • anyone can set up a contest (best werd/definition) or a TOBaW (there oughta be a werd..) challenge. try it.
  •  ... and this place is the purview of the SAP user and SDN community-- tell us what you feel the culture of this site should be... or features we can request... um... aSAP 😉

So get your thinking hats on and start adding!