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Hello Readers,

ok, the PDF-File with the new document version was just uploaded and as usual I received the mail with the statement that SCN Content Operations requests 3 - 4 days to publish it. I'll place another post as soon as the document is ready for download in SCN.

Besides the two new sub sections 3.4.4 (Status & Action Management (Consistency Groups) and 3.4.5 (Change Document Adapter Enhancements) I've started also putting content into a new main section 8 Enhancing further Objects, Features & Functions. A first topic (currently a draft only) listed there deals with the Gantt Chart that was introduced with SAP TM 9.2 for Planning Functionality. The setup within a Transportation Cockpit Layout as well as the customizing for the Gantt Chart Layout are described. Moreover I provided some first hints how to add fields associated with Freight Units, Orders and other objects shown in the Gantt Chart but also some comments what is currently not possible to be enhanced in this context.

As always, enjoy exploring the new content and provide feedback in the blog so that I e.g. can correct potential errors or add things were it might make sense.

Best regards,


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