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Interested in deploying high-powered Analytics in only a few weeks? Then make sure to stop by the Analytics Campus for SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid this year.

These out-of-box solutions are ready to be integrated into existing IT-landscapes in less than 12 weeks and SAP already has pre-configured Analytics software waiting for you! That means that you get a set of reports and dashboards that ensure a fast and smooth implementation based on predefined content that enable the users to analyze data from an ERP System. In the area of analytics rapid deployment solutions offer a number of hype technologies you’ve probably heard about, but don’t know exactly what value they can deliver to your company. To name but a few:

At the Analytics Campus 8 sessions will highlight SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions in customer presentations, demo theaters and forum discussions. Should you have time, visit the micro forum discussion about driving intelligent business decisions with analytics on 13th of November from 02:00 -02:45 pm (Session ID 11345). If you are curious about how to get insights into your customer perception via social media, how to gather and analyze unstructured data that are flooding the internet today, you are heartily invited to a dedicated forum “Marketing and Beyond with Sentiment Analysis” on 14th of November from 3p.m. to 3:45 p.m. session ID 11346.

You will be able to hear best practices from our customers in the Finance and Banking industry in the session “Drive Greater Business Value with Applied Analytics”, session ID 11315 and learn how to Streamline Operations in Your Manufacturing Enterprise in the session 11349.

Further sessions are scheduled, just review the Analytics Campus Sessions Catalogue and create your own agenda to get some tips on how to achieve remarkable results by using SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions for Analytics to speed up your decision making process, to get insights into the actual numbers in a timely manner and also to save your time and budget as a long term target.

Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid at the Analytics Campus for SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions!

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