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As a company,

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled and would you like to expand your SAP business?
  • Would you like to be a qualified and preferred partner with SAP in future projects delivery?

As an SAP consultant,

  • Would you like to keep your cutting edge with not only knowledge but also experience and hands-on skills transferred from SAP in-house experts?
  • Would you like to become a certified SAP free-lancer?

If your answer to any of the above questions is Yes, the Enablement Program from SAP Digital Business Services would be a perfect fit for you. This world-class certification program is open to all SAP partners or customers, and any individual SAPer who performs tasks in an implementation or operation project.

To meet the ever-increasing enablement requirements from partners and customers, SAP initiates SAP ONE Service Academy, a knowledge sharing and management platform, in 2016.  SAP Center of Expertise is responsible to deliver the enablement based on their expertise and best practices accumulated from vast number of customer projects over years. We design and structure this program purely from the audiences’ point of view:

  • Specific, role-based content

The enablement content is not only categorized by SAP product and solution catalog, but also by roles in a real project lifecycle. People taking a role in a project can easily find their way in the enablement matrix.

  • On-target, personalized plan

Based on your initial assessment result, each attendant would receive an enablement plan recommended by SAP, which can be highly customized and personalized to meet your specific enablement needs, and right targeting the roles that you want to up-skill in a real project.

  • Practical, competency-oriented experience

What differentiates this program primarily from a traditional education courses is that a majority (>70%) of segments focus on developing your practical skills in a real project, which is realized by the delicately-designed building blocks, including but not limited to: hands-on configurations, simulated trouble-shooting environment, on-job coaching and shadowing.

SAP is always keen to build a win-win eco-system to facilitate common growth of every party in it. SAP ONE Service Academy is open to ALL partners who strive to consolidate and expand their SAP business, and customers who intent to achieve even-higher ROI of IT system by investing into the most valuable assets, people, in such a fast-pacing IT world.

For more information, you can reach us by