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SAP Notes.

You read them. You implement them, apply them, download them, refer to them. Some of you know that you can request a translation into English, German, or Japanese through our dedicated channels (XX-TRANSL-NOTE-*). Sometimes, you spot an error in the translation, and get mildly irritated. You briefly think about giving us feedback on an SAP Note, good or bad, but just don’t know how or where, and then you wonder if anybody actually cares. So you leave it.

In SAP Notes Translation, we count silence as positive feedback. However, to find out if things are really as great as they seem, we thought we’d ask you directly.

Please tell us about your experiences when reading SAP Notes.

What is the text quality actually like, from your point of view?

What are the most frequent issues you encounter? What would you consider ‘really’ bad? Is it just a missing Oxford comma, or the fact that someone left out half the Symptoms section and wrote the Solution part in Klingon? (Note: Klingon is not an approved translation language for SAP Notes.)

And if you have SAP Note numbers to illustrate your point, even better - please send them on (we will use this information only to improve our quality, not to name and shame our colleagues). You can contact us by leaving a comment here in the blog, via an incident on our dedicated feedback channel XX-TRANSL-NOTE-FDBK, or via e-mail to nadine.swords [at]