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It’s almost springtime, which means we are about to enter the most popular season to buy homes. When it comes to a home purchase, everyone prefers a simple and affordable offering with a trusted home mortgage provider. If you are self-employed or a new immigrant in Canada who is looking for a lender for your dream house, Home Trust Company is perfectly right for you.

Home Trust Company offers many flexible alternative solutions to help consumers to meet their needs, as a result, it has quickly turned into a leading trust company in Canada. Starting off with just 12 employees, it now employs over 900.  Besides growth, just like other companies, Home Trust Company also encountered various challenges and complexities along the way. At one point, the company needed to modernize in order to stay competitive, and that was when SAP came in to help.

Watch the video below to learn how SAP helped them knock down the wall of complexity within the organization (Length: less than 2.5 minutes):

The key takeaway is that technology is no longer the enabler but the driver for business. It also is the critical differentiator that sets you and your company apart from the competition. SAP not only helped Home Trust to grow, but also assisted with their innovation journey, keeping them competitive in the marketplace. With this partnership, Home Trust was able to fully enter the digital economy as a digital trust company. More importantly, SAP MaxAttention provided superb personnel, as Fariba Rawhani the CIO and EVP of Home Trust said in the video, to proactively support IT around the clock. Ms. Rawhani also gives strong recommendations, “We’ve never done something BETTER (like SAP MaxAttention) for IT! I really recommend it to anyone who’s running SAP the Simple Way.”

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