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What traits distinguish high-impact innovators from everyone else?

How does 21st century business management software super-charge innovation?

What if people spent less time searching for information and more time creating?

How can organizations quickly mobilize the right volunteers when disaster strikes?

These are just a few of the questions that the 18 finalists in the SAP M-Prize “Unlimited Human Potential” Challenge aim to answer. Hosted by Management Innovation Exchange (MIX), this global ideas contest crowdsources bold entries—“stories or hacks”—that solve some of today’s most pressing management problems. Here are four submissions focused on using the power of Big Data, (and in several cases, SAP HANA), to address innovation challenges and unleash human potential:

Picking Winning Innovators: California-based start-up Knack provides a big data solution that allows organizations to identify people who not only have the greatest potential to come up with radically innovative ideas, but can also make these ideas a reality. Using engaging mobile games, state-of-the-art behavioral neuroscience, and ‘big data’ logging and data processing infrastructure, Knack mines gameplay data logged from the games and identifies unique behavioral marker patterns that differentiate people based on their potential for success.


Technology that Powers Creative Thinkers: 10,000ft aims to create 21st century business management software that reflects the company’s philosophy around transparency, autonomy, and effective collaboration. The focus is on solutions that enable innovation by promoting transparency of an organization’s practices as well as autonomy over an individual’s process.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG): is a disruptive platform that combines emerging Big Data and Graph technologies to reinvent knowledge management inside organizations. This next generation platform centralizes organizational knowledge, making it universally accessible to every employee. As Big Data explodes, the EKG is designed from the ground up to help people to work together and find the right information quickly.

atHANAsia.COM: provides a simple way for volunteers to be on standby and sign up to handle an emergency from any part of the world at a moment's notice. With immediate coordination of the right people, organizations will be better prepared to respond to crises.

The judging panel features entrepreneurs and thought leaders including Professor Gary Hamel, MIX co-founder and author of “The Future of Management.” Watch for more blogs on SCN Business Trends spotlighting the rest of the finalists before the winners are announced at the end of May. They will be recognized at SAP’s Annual SAPPHIRE NOW event on June 3-5 and at the MIX Mashup on November 18-20.

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