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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In an article on "The Importance of Learning", the The Royal College of Psychiatrists states:

"In psychiatry, where patient contact is essential, the risk of not keeping up-to-date has direct consequences on the patient. But on the more constructive end, a patient well treated reinforces and encourages better practice in the future."

Having worked for years in the more and more complex IT industry, I believe the same applies to IT consultants and specialists, whose "patients" are their customers' IT environments and landscapes. Psychiatry is undoubtedly a very huge and complex field, and so is today's IT; it has become a tremendously wide and ever-growing field that requires consultants to keep up to date, because their work has also direct consequences for their customers.

Whereas not keeping up-to-date may, depending on the projects, result in heavy financial losses for the customers and a loss in credibility, reputation and ultimately business for the consultants and their employers if anything goes wrong, the opposite applies if the consultants are well trained and kept up-to-date in their field, so they can finish their projects sucessfully.

Chip Camden writes in TechRepublic in an article on learning:

"There are plenty of IT consultants who have been doing things the same way for many years and haven't learned much. Self-education and self-improvement are extremely important; thanks to the Internet, this has become relatively easy to maintain. Back in the old days, you had to read book after book and subscribe to a monthly pile of trade magazines."

For SAP consultants, it is not necessary to read book after book, and SAP offers a more suitable and flexible way of learning for people who are often travelling and who need access to a huge collection of learning and information: the SAP Learning Hub.

Sarah Kellman writes in her SCN blog post "Video and SAPinsider Article Provide Overviews of SAP Learning Hub"

"A key part of SAP Education’s strategy is to provide flexible learning options, including non-traditional classroom training such as eAcademies and virtual live classrooms. SAP Learning Hub is SAP Education’s most recent foray to help companies train their mobile workforce. Designed to provide critical training for organizations on the go, SAP Learning Hub offers on-demand, flexible learning options such as self-study and opportunities to use social media and web features for shared learning experiences."

This resource is most useful for SAP partners, please see more details below how to use the SAP Learning Hub:

Business Challenges and Mutual Objectives

  • Lower access barriers and provide your consultants with unlimited, easy access to an up-to-date and complete SAP learning solution anytime, anywhere
  • Keep your consultants up to date and competitive in terms of SAP solution, product and technology knowledge
  • Keep travel-, opportunity- and other non-value-adding costs related to SAP training low

SAP Consultant Training

  • Use SAP’s extensive content library for structured self-paced learning & on-demand knowledge retrieval from overview to advanced topics
  • Use the SAP’s guided certification learning paths & course exercises/assessments to prepare for an exam or test your knowledge
  • Setup internal, blended learning programs for pre-study or as virtual or physical instructor-led sessions, Q&A and knowledge exchange sessions

12-months, carefree SAP enablement solution

  • Your SAP experts get unlimited access to SAP Education content, always up to date and available anytime, anywhere
  • You remove transactional, geographic, scheduling barriers to learning and  knowledge development in order to achieve lower TCO and to drive innovation
  • You reap the benefits of today‘s learning style reality; reduced overhead costs, effective and efficient on-demand, in-time learning (regardless of course schedules and cancellations)
  • Motivate your SAP experts to sustain and develop their knowledge by giving them the flexibility and self-sufficiency that today‘s business reality demands
  • Maximize your training $ spend per employee by providing online access to the widest possible range of SAP Education training offerings while minimizing travel expenses and travel time.

SAP partners can chose between two different editions, the partner edition (1 - 300 users) and the enterprise edition:

The SAP Learning Hub can also be used for Partner Certification

Did you know that over 80% of SAP User Group customers say that it is important to have employees certified and 60% of SAP User Group customers say that certification is used as selection criteria for implementation projects? Were you aware that the SAP Learning Hub is an excellent tool to help you get certified fast in solutions areas, such as:

  • SAP Technology
  • SAP Analytics
  • SAP Business Process Applications

The SAP Learning Hub contains hundreds of the same certification preparation materials that you would find if attending live classroom events in top rated topics like:

  • SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • SAP Supply Chain Management

So don’t wait - get certified today using the SAP Learning Hub.

For more information contact your assigned Partner Service Advisor (PSA) or the SAP Channel Partner helpline or for Service Partners.

Or take a look in the PartnerEdge Portal.