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“Well begun is half done”, that’s what we did at Labs Latin America in 2018 and we wish to continue the race in the same pace. In the first week of January, SAP Labs joined Latin America and Caribbean kick off meeting, positioning the Labs as the Innovation Hub in the region. We were able to deliver wide awareness on the Labs capabilities to the sales force.

At Labs, what motivates us is the innovative mindset and the creativity of employees as was seen in the global innovation program from SAP.iO, in order to empower our employees as innovators. We organized the Venture Challenge program in which one of the startup ideas from the Labs, “DELI” was chosen to join the basecamp in Newton Square.

In Q1 we introduced “The Leonardo Innovation Factory”, a new investment to support Leonardo engagements which will help us to drive our customer's digital transformation through rapid proof of concept delivery. As the Labs is focusing on delivering the best experience as part of Leonardo Center, we kicked off the SAP Leonardo empowerment sessions series, to empower the employees with knowledge of SAP Leonardo foundation.

I´m proud of what we have contributed to the diversity and inclusion agenda, which fosters a  diverse and inclusive environment, not only within our company but in our society as well. Business Women Network, Autism at Work, LGBTI, Ethnicities at SAP are few programs running successfully based on the above objective. SAP Labs Latin America and PUCRS university in Brazil  signed an agreement to conduct joint research projects, that will strengthen the partnership between technology and academics. Its of prime importance to us to expand our network with universities not only from south Brazil, but from north as well and Latin America with University relations initiatives for example the Next-Gen.

In the coming months we will keep our focus on innovation and people. We are looking forward to the kicking off the 2018 edition of “Innoweeks”, the co-innovation coding competition across LAC. Goal is to find solutions for customers challenges in a co-innovation approach with the participation of LAC customers from Brazil, Mexico, LAC North and LAC South.

Furthermore, we renovated our d-shop, where we will have many activities and workshops to foster innovation among employees and hands-on opportunities to our customers.

Labs focus was always on delivering the best customer experience that will in turn ensure customer success – our results are speaking for itself when SAP Labs was chosen for the Best IT Company award in Brazil  four times in a row, contributing to SAP’s positioning  as the 17th most valuable global brand that uses technology to make people’s lives easier in new and innovative ways.

Written and posted on behalf of Dennison John, MD of SAP Labs Latin America