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In 2016, Globalization Services created an award to recognize teams that apply UX best practices into their work, inviting teams from all locations to participate. Last year, in the second edition of the award, our Labs’ HCM Spain team was the winner.

The project submitted was the HCM ES Tax Reporting Simplification developed after several design thinking sessions with Spanish customers. Our colleagues traveled to Spain twice, to collect feedbacks and learn our customer’s main problems, and to test the prototype. The result was a solution that reduced incidents related to tax reporting by 45%.

Carlos Moehlecke, Product Owner for HCM Spain in SAP Labs Latin America has shared his opinion about the award: “The team is very happy and proud of the award! This is the recognition of something we’ve always believed and looked forward in our work. Personally, as a Product Owner and Design Thinking Coach, I see the engagement with end-users as a pillar to achieve this kind of result. Of course, it is not always that we have the resources to run the whole Design Thinking methodology in a project, but I hope this award can inspire us to bring the mindset of customer engagement more often in our daily work.”