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FISL (International Free Software Forum) is one of the biggest events aimed to promote and adopt free software. It takes place every year in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande Do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil and the state where the SAP Labs Latin America is located.

The event is a good place to exchange ideas and knowledge and there you find students, researchers, social movements for freedom of information, entrepreneurs, Information Technology (IT) enterprises, governments, and other interested people. It gathers discussions, speeches, personalities and novelties both national and international in the free software world.

I go to FISL every year since 2009 (at the 10th edition at that time), and in 2010 the SAP made it's first partnership with the event, in this case I got to know better about SAP and had an interview for a developer job position during the event. Less than a month after that I was working at SAP.

This year SAP participated again in the event and I was able to give it back been at FISL representing SAP.


I was there talking about our Open Source contributions (OpenUI5, Eclipse, Apache projects, etc...) and sharing my experience as an SAP employee. The results of the event was great, many people came by our stand (not only for gifts) and we had many good conversations, but in the end I think the most important for me is that I may have inspired others like I got inspired 4 years ago.

Besides me, many people did the SAP participation at FISL15 a success, among them: allan.silva, ana.pletsch, andre.leitzke, Debora Alves, douglas.maitelli, edgar.prufer, fabio.serrano, Jucieli Baschirotto, lucas.escouto and matias.schertel

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