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This week more than 700+ businesses, developers, IT Operation experts and vendors are gathering in Germany at the Cloud Foundry Summit Sep 26-28  to share best practices for using Cloud Foundry to build cloud native applications. The shift to a multi-cloud environment is happening at a rapid pace as compared to any other enterprise technology shift in history, and the Cloud Foundry Summit is where organizations of all sizes will meet to define their multi-cloud strategies. “For businesses wrestling with the challenges of integrating multiple public and private clouds, hearing how others have done it successfully can help drive their strategy forward,” said Sam Ramji, CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation. “For enterprise developers focused on increasing the velocity of application development or trying to build cloud native applications at scale – this is the perfect opportunity to learn more.” Read more in this release

Summit attendees will collaborate with peers, meet the developers behind Cloud Foundry and discuss future roadmap plans for the fastest growing multi-cloud platform. Developers can participate in two full days of training on microservices and IoT development in a continuous delivery environment, and see how others are leveraging multi-cloud models to deliver apps faster than ever before. The Summit also gives attendees insight on how they can get started with Cloud Foundry and even help influence the project.

On Sep 28, Marc Geall , SVP, Head of Platform Partner Ecosystem, GCO, SAP will be addressing a keynote session titled- ‘Innovating Around the Digital Core’  that will highlight how SAP is using digital disruption to rethink traditional business processes and take advantage of new opportunities. The session covers how SAP’s open platform strategy allows customers to build new extensions, run packaged SaaS applications, and integrate to back-end systems.Other speakers include Bernd Issler from Atos, and Stefen Stang from SIEMENS. They will be speaking at Harmonie Hall on September 28, 2016 from 9:00 to 9:20 am. Register for that session here. Check the complete schedule here