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You are going to SAP TechEd '06 and want to learn about Interactive Forms, SAP's Adobe-based forms solution? You're trying to figure out which track to search for suitable sessions and which sessions to attend? Well, I'm sure you're not alone, which is why I have put together this blog to give you some pointers.  Just a couple of sentences on the background: As is the case with SAP NetWeaver, SAP TechEd is structured along IT scenarios, and each track is dedicated to one of the scenarios. SAP Interactive Forms is a key capability of SAP NetWeaver (Application Server), and as such part of a number of IT scenarios, but not a scenario itself. This can make it a little more complex to find information on the topic, in particular because the forms technology is integrated into a number of different SAP development and runtime environments.  The easiest way to find the Interactive Forms sessions on the SAP TechEd site is to search by the keyword 'SAP Interactive Forms'. (Note that depending on which SAP TechEd you want to attend, the hit list varies.)  Here's a summary of what is planned for Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangalore (Choose the corresponding link for your location.): Overview of all sessions offered per location:Las Vegas   Amsterdam   BangaloreMain sessions:CD105: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – Overview and New Developments     Las Vegas   Amsterdam   BangaloreCD152: Creating PDF-Based Print Forms with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe     Las Vegas   Amsterdam   BangaloreCD256: Interactive Forms in Web Dynpro for Java: A New Way of Accessing Your ABAP Back End     Las Vegas   Amsterdam   BangaloreBEM250: Using Forms in Workflow     Las Vegas   Amsterdam   BangaloreCD259: Putting It All Together – End-to-End Development of Java Applications     Las Vegas   AmsterdamCD264: Web Dynpro for ABAP Part 2 – Advanced Topics     Las Vegas   Amsterdam   BangaloreSOA202: Jumpstart Your SOA Implementations with the SAP Discovery System for Enterprise SOA     Las Vegas   AmsterdamSOA250: SAP Discovery System for Enterprise SOA Workshop     Las Vegas   Amsterdam   Bangalore 2 workshops will refer to Interactive Forms:BIM253: Query, Report and Web Application Design with the SAP Business Explorer Suite (Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore😞 PDF printing (the BI integration) will be mentioned as a new feature in the session, but no more than that in this 4-hour workshop.CD258: Modeling Composite Processes with Guided Procedures (Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore😞 Needless to say, the focus here is on Guided Procedures, for Interactive Forms focus see session BEM250 above. Planned for Las Vegas only:AGS251: Securing Your Online/Offline Interactive PDF FormsBEM104: Increasing User Productivity: End-to-End Processes and Interactive Forms (ASUG session presented by customer)AGS209: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe: Functions, Features and Architecture (ASUG session presented by Adobe)  In addition to the above, Adobe has made a number of proposals for a more detailed look at the solution at SDN Day, see Everything you wanted to know about Interactive Forms @ SDN Day.   So here it is, now go and figure out your forms agenda at SAP TechEd.  See you there, Markus