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Intent of this Post-Presentation Series

This is one in a series of postings by the presenters of the SAP Insider Conference "CRM 2008" held in Las Vegas, March 2-5.  The comment/talkback feature below provides an opportunity for attendees to interact directly with the presenters and comment or ask questions about their respective CRM presentations.

Title of the Session

An A-to-Z guide to SAP CRM Marketing


In this popular session, you'll get a thorough understanding of how SAP CRM supports the needs of the marketing organization.

  • Get an in-depth look at product capabilities supporting marketing tasks, such as market planning and resource management, lead management, segmentation and list management, campaigns, and marketing analytics.
  • Find out how to improve the results of your marketing activities and use the most effective interaction channels (including telemarketing, email, or direct mail) to target the right customers.
  • Learn how to use multiwave campaigns to automate customer dialogues.
  • Explore lead management to improve how you generate, qualify, and distribute leads to your sales team.
  • Determine the impact of marketing analytics on your CRM initiative and find out how you can leverage campaign effectiveness with planning to prepare your budget, track costs, and more effectively manage your entire marketing organization.
  • In addition, learn how SAP CRM marketing supports industry-specific needs, such as trade promotion management, market development funds for co-marketing initiatives with partners, and real time offer management in B2C inbound scenarios.