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08:00 PM – Code! Code! Code!

Coding just started; all participants are listening carefully to the wise words of the technology experts. People are exciting after the Design Thinking process was finished. Now it is up to the participants to make their prototypes come true! But let me jump to the beginning first…

09:40 AM – What is Design Thinking?

We are glad to welcome 34 Participants including 14 students – a huge contrast in comparison to the last InnoJam at the CeBIT. As I am participating as a coach, I expect this to be a completely different experience, not only because of the smaller size but rather because of the higher variety of the participants. Most participants are experienced consultants, developers or SAP partners with similar backgrounds. Some guys are familiar with Design Thinking, so they know what they signed up for: A two day long hackathon-like event with lots of challenges and more fun than it may sound like – even for non-techies! Divided into four teams, these participants should tackle one of four available topics:

  1. How might we redesign the interaction between citizens and emergency departments to improve quality of life in a world with limited access to emergency departments?
  2. In a world where students demand, for a more innovative educational environment, the teachers’ role is changing. How can we support the teachers to adapt to their new role and create a better future school system?
  3. How might we redesign the transparency of energy consumption for consumers to support a healthier environment?
  4. How can we redesign the mutual involvement in communities to strengthen the social network?

02:00 PM – Ideation

Several interviews, discussions, presentations and feedback rounds later the teams started off with the ideation phase. Many participants find it hard to suppress their intention to think about the solution as soon as possible – now they are finally encouraged to do so! And this step shows the great influence of Design Thinking at hackathon-like events like this. Even though only two challenges ware chosen by all teams – their insights and understanding of the real problems were very different, and therefore led to very interesting prototype presentations.

… It is 11:00 PM right now and I wish all the teams a very productive night – keep up the good work!

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