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Together with the Dutch SAP User Group VNSG we organized a great SAP InnoJam in s'Hertogenbosch in 2011.

This year we'll use Design Thinking methodology at the SAP InnoJam in the Netherlands. In a nutshell this methodology helps to ensure that the apps developed help people to accomplish their tasks.

We compressed the Design Thinking exercise to make it fit into the SAP InnoJam event format and tested it out at the SAP internal DKOMs 2012 in Palo Alto, St. Leon Rot and Bangalore. We were so amazed about the results that we decided to bring this methodology also to the SAP external InnoJams this year.

And this means also to the SAP InnoJam in s'Hertogenbosch, happening from September 7th - 8th.

As a result of bringing in Design Thinking to the InnoJams we'll switch from business scenarios provided by the participants to a theme topic that we bring to the event. This theme will drill down to specific challenges that the teams can work on.

In s'Hertogenbosch it'll be around healthcare.

From a technology point of view we'll provide you with interesting technologies like SAP NetWeaver Cloud,  HANA, SAPUI5 and SUP.

You can get more details around the event on the event wiki page for SAP InnoJam 2012 in the Netherlands.

So don't waste time. Register today for InnoJam in s'Hertogenbosch.