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In 2005, SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) launched its presence in India and began its work with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and SAP Partners for certifying their integration with SAP Solutions. Since its inception in 2005, SAP ICC not only ensured seamless integration of third-party solutions with SAP Solutions but guided ISVs and partners from India and Southeast Asia to the right technical integration methodology, enablement for SAP’s latest technologies and certified third-party solutions integrated with SAP Solutions; hence benefiting SAP Customers with smooth and adherent integration of the technical requirements between 3rd party solutions and SAP software.

SAP ICC India, part of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services (PILS) plays a very important role in Indian Sub-Continent for SAP software partners. We are the hub of technical and infrastructure support including programs like Co-Innovated with SAP and SAP S/4HANA certification program. Thousands of SAP Software Certifications have been achieved and still counting year on year.

To achieve this, SAP ICC has been providing tools and technical requirements that cover more than 100 different certification scenarios and can certify practically any solution integrating with SAP solutions or developed on SAP platforms.

With the growing demand in APJ, SAP ICC expanded its presence in other APJ countries. Apart from India, SAP ICC is in China, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

SAP ICC started its journey in ANZ six years ago when it established its presence in Australia in 2015, with a focus on partner recruitment and ongoing support to ANZ software partners in their innovation journey. We work with an array of partners from start-ups to well-established software companies with a global presence to help them achieve their business expansion goals in the region.

In ANZ, SAP has helped numerous companies to innovate constantly and stay competitive in the industry they operate in. SAP Australia introduced the SAP HANA cloud platform in the region in November 2014 and ICC was quick to adopt SAP’s strategy by providing service offerings around cloud platforms to the software partners in the region. SAP ICC, as part of PILS, participates in various SAP events like SAUG to connect and guide SAP partners in building their own IP and play a key role in software innovation.

As SAP unveils RISE as a holistic, “intelligent enterprise,” as-a-service and subscription-based offering for business process transformation in the cloud, we at SAP ICC continue to roll out corresponding services around SAP’s Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to make it easier for partners to transform and build success around their SAP innovations. Through our technical webinars, marketing assets and support, we will continue to focus on enhancing our services for software partners and provide relevant certification offerings to our ANZ partners for many years to come.

In Japan, the language barrier is still in the market and Software certification’s momentum is yet to come. The recent movement of Intelligent enterprise and SAP Business Technology Platform as the foundation would be the key to accelerate Partner Innovation. Under the circumstance, customers success will necessitate full support from partners who are closely collaborating with SAP. Our group, PILS specifically the Software certification team will be able to contribute to customer/partner success by enhancing recognition of the true value of Software certification.

In South Korea, as we enter the cloud era, certification partners in this region need to be further certified with cloud-based solutions. In this process, technical support for development and efforts for certification is required, PILS and ICC can be the most reliable helpers.
When companies introduce solutions from small and medium-sized software companies, SAP's certification is an objective indicator of product quality, and solution development partners tend to voluntarily obtain certification, so the role of SAP ICC will become increasingly important.

As SAP ICC celebrates its 25 years of success, we would like to thank all our partners over these years for their trust and continuous engagement. We look forward to providing you with more of our services and support you in your innovation journey.

Some of the key benefits that an SAP-certified solution can offer to the customers are:
• Reduced implementation effort: Customers can save on total (the total) cost of ownership and cut integration costs by taking advantage of pre-tested integration with SAP solutions.
• Accelerate innovation: Certified solutions follow SAP standards for technical integration and if re-certified on a regular basis (regularly) can allow for upgrades with minimal interruptions.
• Integration with SAP Solution Manager: Product and software component versions that are certified by us are visible in SAP Solution Manager, helping to speed up support issues

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