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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Please note that the changes described below will be effective in SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit starting from 20th of January 2021.

Adjustments of Authorization for Cloud Availability Section

The authorization concept for access to the SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit in general is based on installations. For solutions associated with Global Accounts/ main systems (e.g. SAP Cloud Platform) it was not possible to show the subscriptions/ subsystems belonging to the Global Account/ main system; only Global Account/ main system is related to an installation. The application’s logic has now been extended and the Global Account installation has been added to the relevant subscriptions/ subsystems.
As a result, an S-user with the authorization for a particular installation can see the subsystems from the Global Account belonging to this installation in the Availability section.

Inactive contracts have been removed from the section Purchased Products:

Please note: you still can see inactive contracts in solution details if you select the contracts from the past or from the future.

Links to Documentation Added

Based on your feedback we added relevant links to a variety of sections that will help you interpret the shown data and statistics:

  • In the section Incidents Sent to SAP - Response Levels you will find a link to the Response Level documentation.

  • In the section Availability, you will find a link to the Service Level Agreement for cloud system availability.

  • In the section Cloud Services you will find a link to all available services.


Feedback Popover

In our continued effort to improve the application based on your feedback, a quick poll popover has been implemented that will be displayed every three months. While it can be ignored, we strongly encourage you to provide your feedback and let us know what you like about the cockpit and what needs to be improved. Please help us to help you by making our tool better and more beneficial for your work. Some feedback and resulting features can be tracked at


To stay informed please refer to the SAP Enterprise Support reporting portal (