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The SAP CRM 7.0 release adds to the Marketing processes in CRM with the introduction of Loyalty Management, and enhances existing processes of Segmentation, Campaign Execution, and Address List Handling with high volume execution capability.

Loyalty Management

Loyalty programs have changed the way consumers interact with companies, from the way they purchase products or services, to how much they spend. Benefits of loyalty programs include cost efficiency of customer loyalty, better understanding of customer value, ability to drive customer behaviour, and generate additional revenue. Loyalty management @ SAP applies across multiple industries where loyalty programs are utilized to build customer relationships and to promote specific customer behaviors. Loyalty management enables marketers to plan and execute closed loop loyalty programs, such as frequent flyer programs, rewards programs, or bonus programs, and target their most loyal customers with customized offers. Key enabling capabilities for loyalty management in CRM 7.0 include program design, robust rule modeling, flexible membership management, and a highly scalable processing engine to process the program rules.

Functional Overview of Loyalty Management


To be successful, loyalty programs have to be part and parcel of a comprehensive CRM strategy. Loyalty management @ SAP is multi-channel and fully integrated with CRM Marketing, Interaction Center, CRM Sales Order, and Web Channel. Brand owners can design and execute closed loop marketing campaigns using CRM Marketing. Interaction Center and Web Channel integration enables program members to access their accounts using the preferred channel. Sales Order integration enables program members to earn and redeem loyalty points in the buying and selling process.

Point Redemption and Campaign Registration in Web Channel

High Volume Marketing Enablement

High Volume Segmentation and Campaign Execution are enabled by scalability enhancements that address the needs of high-volume marketing environments, where marketers deal with target groups that consist of large number of end-consumers.

High Volume Segmentation Model

Stay tuned for more details and videos of the new processes!