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On July 7th, a group of 30 people from 9 companies - SAP, customers and prospects - in Brazil came to SAP Labs Latin America to get updated on the latest developments of the SAP ACM (Agriculture Contract Management) release 3.1 at the SAP ACM Experience Day for Customers.

The event was promoted by Custom Development, Field Organization and SAP Labs infrastructure teams.

Along the day, it was possible to have a brief overview on current business perspectives on agribusiness as well as to understand where ACM supports customers inside SAP Portfolio.

The topics covered in the agenda were:


• Purchase and Sales processes, corrections and reversions;

• Granol Customer Implementation Testimonial;

• Commingled and Settlement processes;

• ACM integration with Commodity Risk Management, reports and updates;

• ACM Roadmap.

There was time for free discussions where customers and development team could exchange information related to complex processes on customer projects and deepen the knowledge of business and technical aspects.

Customers learned that, Inside SAP CD, the RIG (Regional Implementation Group) is responsible for supporting them with the ACM implementation. During the tour in the Labs, they got aware about all teams and services available here and were presented to local CD innovations like the Farmers Portal and Digital Farming.

Gabriele Weigel, ACM Global Product Owner, presented the vision of the future planned for ACM as well as enriched the discussions along the day and Roberto Kuplich, CD senior VP, closed the event inviting the audience to count on the help of ACM CD team for a successful and smooth ACM implementation.