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While we now live in a world of ubiquitous connections, this improved level of connectivity doesn’t ensure these connections will be equally productive and smart. Companies can only remove complexity and become more innovative and efficient when ubiquitous connection points become far more intelligent.

With the release of SAP S/4HANA,SAP moves the world one step closer to intelligently connecting everywhere.

So why is intelligently connecting everywhere so important for removing complexity and making companies run more productively, predictable and responsive? Simply put, when you  intelligently connect everywhere, Business works best and Runs Simple.

The Cloud, In-Memory computing, mobile applications, the Internet of Things and buying and selling networks offer the most value when intelligently connected. Companies that orchestrate and intelligently connect these platforms and processes, along with industry best practices, “everywhere’ will ultimately gain and leverage competitive advantage.

In order to create competitive advantage in the new Digital Economy, companies must be able to navigate and intelligently connect processes and systems inside and outside the company’s four walls through any access point or device.

Organizations can no longer afford to operate in disconnected information silos and must look at the intelligence of connected processes end to end to fully capture and capitalize on this improved connection power. When a company's intelligent connections don't extend beyond its four walls, it loses potential market opportunities and is now subject to increasing complexity and risk.

Today, customers are far more informed and expect highly personalized, connected, intelligent experiences regardless of where or how they purchase your products. You can’t develop a product without understanding what's in your supplier’s bill of materials in relationship to where you’re doing business or wish to do business. Companies are under constant pressure to innovate profitably at speed. Being able intelligently to connect product usage information with the customer and social purchase sentiment are critical sources of information to channel back to design teams, developers, and marketers.

Product design today is far more collaborative and can include multiple contributors and suppliers within and outside the company. Companies must be able to connect and collaborate with a variety of data sources while safeguarding its intellectual property. Designs and design changes can have profound impacts on product manufacturability and efficiency. Intelligently linking and connecting processes between design and manufacturing can have positive impacts on production efficiency, potential waste and deliver increased flexibility.

And while there are plenty of good ideas and designs, poor disconnected project management processes can lead to escalated costs and missed market opportunities due to late market releases and unplanned costs. Well, orchestrated intelligent supply chains require mastery over intelligent connections between customer orders, supply, and changing market conditions if you are to delight the customer while optimizing operating efficiency and costs.

Today, It is utterly, impossible to Run Simple and efficient without intelligent connected processes and systems. We live in a world of connected mutual dependencies. Companies that think and operate in department silos will rapidly lose market share. With yesterday's release of SAP S/4HANA, companies now have the path forward to having a more intelligently connected future everywhere.

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Harry E. Blunt

Director, North America Marketing
SAP America, Inc.
3999 West Chester Pike 
Newtown Square, PA 19073
M: 302-740-8293