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As I write my first blog here on community network revisiting my experience at the SAP Techniversity Bangalore 2012, I once again begin to feel thrilled and overwhelmed with joy to have won the SAP Biztech DemoJam competition.

It all started when the SAP UA India Team visited my university - Symbiosis Centre for Information Technolgy (SCIT) Pune, India - to talk about the Techniversity event which is based on education, inspiration, innovation, career and competition and also explaining to us about the BizTech Demo Jam Competition. The talk got me motivated to attend the event and I realized that this was my opportunity to be exposed to the latest technologies, be inspired and also participate at the competition to demonstrate skills in using technology for developing solution that could help run the world well.

SAP Techniversity is an enriching technology event and an excellent platform for university students to explore and learn about latest technologies. It also brought to me inspirational talk, knowledge sessions and career development sessions by eminent people. It was challenging and exciting for me and my team to present the demo of our product prototype to a huge crowd and win their applause! Despite the level of competition at Biztech, we won the competition and became eligible for internship with SAP. I feel so privileged to be a part of the SAP Ecosystem and really there is so much going on here and so much to learn! Its amazing!!!

What’s next for me? On Sunday I am flying out to Orlando to attend SAPPHIRE NOW. I am so eager and excited to experience the action there and also utilize the opportunity to explore SAP’s innovative game changing solutions for companies around the world. I am also one of the UA Group liaison for the entire 19-strong APJ delegation attending Sapphire and I am looking forward to some great interaction with the China students and professors!!! I am certain that I will take advantage of the unparalleled learning opportunities at SAPPHIRE NOW and can’t wait to start my adventure…! I am also really looking forward to the exclusive design thinking workshop, unique keynotes and the professor-student sessions that are on the agenda for Sapphire!.

I am truly grateful to SAP for giving me these opportunities for my personal and professional growth!