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Innovation comes from assessing a pain point thoroughly and reacting to it.

When we launched the SAP Road Map Explorer in May 2020, our goal was to empower customers and partners to easily make informed decisions about their SAP road maps. In the past it was complicated and time-consuming to navigate through multiple single product road maps to obtain the full view.

SAP Road Map Explorer is an interactive tool that provides guidance to customers for their digital transformation. Since its launch, the tool has revolutionized the way customers engage with road maps. How? It is “the go-to tool” for the road maps of your products and for planning your implementation projects. The tool offers the latest road map information of SAP’s product portfolio, the content is updated on a daily basis. You can browse and explore product innovations, get information about planned features for the next releases, and, most importantly, customize your road map according to your company’s strategy.

SAP Road Map Explorer delivers to the needs of customers also with a visually appealing design – its user interface has been rewarded with the Red Dot Award in the “Brands & Communication Design” category as well as the German Design Award in the “Excellent Communication Design” category.

To make it easy to identify the most important topics, in June 2021 an additional layer of information was added, featuring road map priorities. It provides the top 3-5 priorities per major products, and industry clusters, and therefore, helps to quickly get an overview of the strategic direction before diving into the details.

You can find more details  in this blog post.

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