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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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We are pleased to announce the availability of an updated course curriculum for SAP Rapid Deployment Solution on openSAP.

This updated and expanded course explains how best practices, proven methodologies, and pre-configured content make adopting SAP innovations simple and predictable. Whether you are an SAP customer or an SAP
partner, you can leverage SAP Rapid Deployment solutions (RDS) and SAP Best Practices to lower the complexity of your projects, and hence project risks, while accelerating time to value. Additionally, if you work for an SAP partner and complete the course successfully, this will count towards obtaining an RDS qualification for your company*.

I particularly wish to bring your attention to week 2E of the course, which talks in detail about the Best Practices and Rapid Deployment Solutions that are available for SuccessFactors HCM suite. The course content is a perfect starting point for anyone that is looking to understand the various cloud deployment scenarios and the associated offerings we have to address those scenarios. The course will help you, customers and partners, understand the value of using “Best Practices” that is made available to you through our portfolio of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

I invite all you fans of SuccessFactors out there, to take a peek at the course and start familiarizing yourself with a world, where “Hybrid Integrations” are no longer a “deal- breaker” for a Cloud opportunity with your customers. Packaged integrations delivered through SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions provide a very concise set of “Integration Best Practices “to allow seamless integration between SuccessFactors, SAP and other 3rd Party vendors.

Here is the link to the course -

Happy reading and watch out for more education coming your way on SuccessFactors!

(* SAP Rapid Deployment solutions for SuccessFactors PartnerQqualification subject to special conditions)